My interest in photography began at the age of 11 when I started saving for my first camera. During the university days, I worked in the university’s photography dark rooms as “student job”, a job which gave me plenty of time experiencing dark room techniques.

My interest in photography intensified after a two long trips to Africa when I joined a photography club (and the PSA) in 2010, later on joining the international photography exhibitions, which I found enhancing and expanding photography skills.

All the images in the portfolio (except those in “New Additions and Others”) were selected from the images accepted by various international exhibitions. Part of them won dozens of different merit, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best of Show medals, and other citations, Salon Praises, Highly commended, Honorable Mention etc.

Those exhibitions results the following distinctions:

  • AFIAP: “Artiste” from FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art.).
  • PPSA: ”PROFICIENCY” from PSA (Photographic Society of America).

I am mainly interested in photography of People and wildlife, as both those “Alive” subjects enhance the “story telling” and the “feeling and emotions” power of images.